Come Sister, Let’s Dance

For the past few years I’ve been on a journey of exploration and discovery of who I am at my core.  Who is the woman who incarnated into this time and place and what is she meant to do with her one wild and precious life*?  I’ve been turning deep within and exploring my inner psyche, looking at what the Cosmos and Spirit…the Great Mother Goddess…were/are asking of me, learning about and working with what I call the Deep Mysteries, leaning into the silence and the stillness and remembering an ancient primordial lineage that informs and guides my steps.  I’ve been on a journey of deep alchemical transformation that has led to my discovery of the Wild Primal Feminine and the juiciness of being in the flow of discovery and knowing.

The term I was given for all of this is Dancing with the Mystery and this blog is my take on the magic of learning to hear the music that sweeps us up and onto the dance floor and into the realms of a magical journey of juicy authenticity.  It’s all in knowing the steps and being open to the subtle nuances of a dance that is sometimes fast and furious – at times discordant- and that which is slow and sensual and provocatively loving.  It is light.  It is Dark.  It is everything in between and therein lies the sweetness.

Come Sister…
I invite you to join me in the deep end of experience
where the rich juiciness of our being-ness lives.
Embrace the light. Embrace the dark.
Recognize the beauty of both in the whole.
This is the Mystery and we are the dance.

*From The Summer’s Day by Mary Oliver




Author: The Sacred Wild

Artist, Writer

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