Walking in the Woods: Morning Reflection

Every morning, weather permitting, I walk in the woods and then enjoy a cuppa tea on my swing beneath an old Grandmother Oak.  At some point, I offer up a prayer* to all the Spirits of the Land and to the Sun for another day of sustenance.  This morning was particularly special as it rained last night and the moss tribes were a brilliant shade of emerald.  Their joy and thanksgiving for life-giving moisture was almost palpable.  I am especially fond of moss!  Adding to the walk was the presence of some of my kitty tribe.  They almost always walk with me and it’s so entertaining to see their reactions to what they find and to each other as they run up and down trees, hiding and playing with each other.  They always make me laugh and their play feels sacred and a prayer in motion.

Normally, I do not have my phone (or any device) with me, but I was expecting a call so today became the exception.  This proved fortuitous as there were some nice photos awaiting on this journey… emerald moss with a leaf still holding water, fungi and moss on a lightening-struck oak, the yoni-like portal to another world that is at the base of my favorite Grandmother Oak and the black and yellow caterpillar that is shiny and smooth that always begins to appear this time of year.  I remember there is folklore around this appearance, but sadly do not remember exactly what it is.  I do know that the black fuzzy caterpillar comes next and both of them (shiny and fuzzy) are oracles of weather changes to come.

I am so very grateful to be able to walk this land I’ve called home for almost 11 years and do not take for granted its beauty or grace.  These woods and her inhabitants – all the spirits that dwell here – have saved me many times and I always… ALWAYS… honor that I live here in a symbiotic relationship with these beings.  I give thanks daily and I make offerings when it feels right.  She sustains me and through my practices I sustain Her.

Ahhh… mornings in the woods… When the sun is still weak and the woods still hold the essence of the night – the simultaneous scent of new life and beginning decay – one can both see and feel the numinosity of a place in time that is indeed a liminal portal.

For more photos from my walk, check out my Facebook page  Dancing With The Mystery

* Honorings and Thanksgivings

Good morning Grandmothers and Grandfathers, Tree Beings and Wind Spirit.

Good morning Beautiful Singing Ones – thank you so much for your beautiful sweet song.  Good morning to all the Winged ones, Good morning Crow, Good morning Owl.

Good morning Deer and to the Ancient Deer Goddess, to Elen.  Good morning to all the walking animals, all the crawling animals, all the slithering animals, all the insect tribes.

Good morning Fairies, Plant Devas and Elementals.

Good morning to the Spirits of Light which walk this land and to the Land Spirits and Land Guardians, to the Stone People and Moss Tribes.

Thank you for allowing me and my family to share this space with you.

Good morning Brighid and Amaterasu, Good morning Sun.  Thank you for another day of light and for sustaining all life on this planet.

May I use the light of this day toward my highest good.

And So It Is.


Author: The Sacred Wild

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