Cosmic Dancing and Pulling Threads

On this Virgo New Moon, replete with a solar eclipse and influenced by Mercury Retrograde, my thoughts turn to hope of new paths while also looking backward at prior journeys.  What is it I hope to manifest in this new cycle? What treasures will this solar eclipse bring?  What do I need to revisit with new eyes?  What needs to fall away or perhaps simply be left to lie fallow for a while?

Did you know eclipses come in families and this one is connected to those of 1997/1998?  What were you doing then?  I had just returned from working in Thailand and my husband and I settled into a genteel life on a lake in Virginia with our beloved fur family – kitties who now all reside on the other side of the Veil.  He was at a new University and I… well I was re–acclimating to American culture after having lived in Asia – cultures about as far apart as one can get!

I was in what is known as reverse culture shock and I was seeing and evaluating everything through very different eyes.  It was a time that was both beautiful and extremely hard.  Everything made sense and nothing made sense.  Living on the lake in the beautiful Southwestern Virginia mountains grounded me deeply and I was also floating with no groundedness.  Light and Shadow danced around me enveloping my being-ness with both loss and gain.

At the same time, I was also beginning to see/accept/understand certain special gifts – gifts that would eventually lead me to connecting many threads from past journeys and experiences – in this lifetime and those of the past. I was opening up and expanding, sometimes so quickly and so profoundly I could barely keep up.  It was a time out of time for me and it allowed so very much to come in… things that had probably been hovering around me for years, but in the pace of our crazy, hectic life I could neither see nor hear what was waiting on the edge.

The period in my life right now is somewhat akin to that time.  I have in the past few years gone through a type of culture shock where everything was strange and unfamiliar with profound re-adjustment.  I lost many of my coping mechanisms and at the same time, I have reconnected with a deeply enriching lineage from my past and more amazing gifts have birthed.   Both Shadow and Light have demanded I pay attention to their voices – sometimes separately, sometimes screaming at the same time – all the while as paradox and allowing became my allies.

I have come to see that my story is not so unique for we live in a time where we each are walking similar paths.  We each dance with light and shadow, loss and gain, hope and sadness, and the craziness of this period in herstory/history.  It is also a place in time on the threads we weave where we are opening our hearts and sounding our voices in a declaration of this is MY time.  We all want to live our truth!

Much is currently happening in the sign of Virgo… the sign of the Priestess – a woman who has walked in light and dark and now again is daring to step more fully into the light.  As she acknowledges and embraces her gifts and talents – reclaiming both hers and those of all the women who have come before her – she is also demanding her place in the cosmos.   It is my deep-felt belief that all women carry the archetype of the priestess, though that knowing may manifest in different ways.  Even still it is our time.

So what of you Sister?  Are you willing to embrace this new moon – this dark moon – and the revelations brought by this solar eclipse?  Are you willing to embrace the messages that Mercury brings with his gift of past reflections and assessments?  Look back to your life in 1997/1998 and pull the threads forward, weaving them through the warp and weft of this life and those of the past, connecting them until they settle into a deep knowing of your calling in the Now.

Today I reflect and assess, I vision and I set intentions for what I want to call in.  I open my heart and give gratitude for this beautiful cosmic dance, embrace all that is paradox, and allow for the Mystery.


~Artwork by Flora Bowley


Author: The Sacred Wild

Artist, Writer

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