Voting: Embracing Paradox and Rebellious Uncertainty

A while back I saw a meme with a message around the idea of “voting our conscience even if that meant our vote was wasted”.   I was both shocked and saddened by this mentality and a grief previously unknown began to paralyze me.  As a country… a citizenry… how did we get to this place?  Feeling helpless, I picked up my drum and have spent time in ritual until the voices came reminding me I’m not helpless and can take a stand.  So, to the many others who have decided they can no longer stay silent, I add my voice.

And so it is, with conscious awareness, I enter the realm of “things we don’t talk about” in choosing to write on voting.

Throughout this election process there’s been a lot of discussion around voting…. voting to make one’s vote matter, voting one’s conscience and staying in higher vibrations, not voting at all on principle because we do not support any candidate and, finally, voting (or not voting) from a place of fear.

Personally I feel all of the above energies – the concerns, the questions – and have wondered if there is any way to vote in this election such that I am able to maintain my vibration – which makes my Empath happy and comfortable – and also stay in integrity with my Social Activist who wants to make a difference and guides my separate actions toward the most positive outcome for all, which makes her happy.

The question that keeps coming to mind is this…  As things currently stand in this election, is it possible to move from a place of conscious empowerment rather than a place of fear, vote my conscience while also having my vote matter AND vote to realistically affect positive change?   Can this be done in this election?

I believe it can IF we remember that being human sometimes requires stepping deeper into the messiness of the fray.  I believe it can if we remember that, while we may be moving toward a more enlightened state – may even already live there much of the time, we also came to experience life on this planet which is to say “be human”.  I believe it can if we can step outside our individual-ness for a moment and look at the whole.

I hear so many say there is no good choice in the two main candidates and hold to the idea that they will not cast a vote out of fear.  So they will either not vote at all or will vote their conscience while admittedly wasting their vote.   Personally, I do not believe this dichotomy needs to dictate our choice.

~Why does casting a vote for someone who is perhaps not our first choice constitute placing a vote out of fear?  Acknowledging concern is not the same as acknowledging fear.

~Why does casting a vote for someone different than our first choice have to be an act out of integrity with our conscience?

If we are willing to join these different parts of ourselves who are speaking loudly demanding to be heard… if we are willing to have conversations with each bringing the separate needs and desires into a cohesive whole… then perhaps, just perhaps, we can make a choice that supports our conscience, keeping us in line with our internal integrity and also makes a real difference.

Sometimes the greatest act of enlightenment – existing in and moving toward the higher vibrations – is to be willing to step back down into our humanness and make the tough decisions.

Sometimes staying in balance and creating a new world requires that we go to those places that disturb our comfortable-ness – daring to jump into the bubbling cauldron of energies that are both dissonant and creative.

Sometimes moving from our soul and heart, moving from a place of integrity and our conscience, requires brave acts of rebellious uncertainty and embracing paradox.  Sometimes – MANY times – it means taking what we see as negative and looking for what is good and right about the situation or, in this case, person.  These are the times for the courageous of heart, the warrior-ess, the Amazon, the person who can juggle the seemingly incongruous while simultaneously standing in personal integrity AND actively participating in effecting change.

I began this journey liking both Bernie – loving his fresh and unique take on so many things – and Hillary, finding comfort in the wisdom of her varied experiences.  I also liked the idea of a woman being president and still I was unsure as I really wanted someone not so locked into the system.  Then along came the other party’s nominee and another very unpredictable variable in the mix.  I went back and forth – vote, not vote, vote my conscience, vote to make my voice count.

As the months have gone by, however, I have come to realize that not voting IS voting.  It’s the same idea that to make no decision is to actually make a decision, only without conscious choice.  I realized I had an opportunity to actually contribute to making a difference and how I voted determined the value of that contribution.  Not only do I not want to throw away my chance to make a difference, I do not want my vote to open the door to the possibility of a very unpredictable variable becoming President.

This country is in the middle of great social change and stands on the precipice of major evolution.  How we vote on Election Day determines if that social change moves us backwards or propels us forward.

Personally I will vote for the candidate who has the “strongest and most likely” chance of guiding us into our next evolution.   Do I like everything about this person?  No.  Can I look past what I don’t like focusing rather on what I do like or at the very least what is positive?  Yes.  In the end, at least for me, considering the greater good IS voting my conscience.

So I will pluck my part of the web realizing that what I weave – what seems like an isolated individual choice – actually sends out wider vibrations and affects the whole.

When this is all over I want to be able to say I participated in electing a President who honors ALL citizens regardless of color or gender or even nationality and that the foundations of freedom this country was founded upon are still in place.

Holding space today for America.  May She move into her next incarnation in the spirit of Allowing.

Author: The Sacred Wild

Artist, Writer

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