Spring Equinox

Today in the Northern Hemisphere, we are once again honoring the turning of the Great Wheel.  It is Spring Equinox, Eostre, Ostara and more namings that no longer find their way into our cultural psyche.  Today we honor the time of equal light and dark when, just for a moment in cosmic time, the world stands still as she shifts from one season to another.

As the earth began to show signs of new life and renewal, ancient cultures celebrated.  In the Wheel of the Year that I follow, this is the season of the Divine Girl Child and, in the ancient myth of Persephone and Demeter, Persephone returns and Demeter celebrates by blanketing the land with spring flowers and new growth.

Moving from Winter to Spring we find ourselves in a time of restructuring.  We feel stirrings of new life, new ideas and movement from inertia to growth.  We may also still have a foot in the Underworld or Innerworld time, even desiring to return to our inner cave for support and regeneration from time to time.*   It’s all good as this is still a time of transition and the more we support and care for ourselves, the greater our ability to birth and sustain new growth and, eventually harvest, in the coming outer season.

Today is a day for ritual.  A day to clear out the dross of our deep inner work of the Inner season.  It is a day to move toward Return to the coming Outer season.  A day of balance, this is a time of reintegration and a time of gentleness.

However you honor this day, Blessings on this time of renewal and burgeoning fertility.  It’s a beautiful Spring day in the Appalachian foothills of North Carolina and I have a date with the plants and the dirt.  As I walk this land collecting gifts of the Goddess to build my Spring altar, I give thanks for these ancient ways of being and knowing, living and doing.

So it is.

From the teachings of Kim Duckett, Ph.D., The Wheel of the Year, an Earth-based Spiritual Psychology for Women (a book in progress) with excerpt from  We’Moon 2017 (a calendar of Gaia Rhythms for Women).

Artist, Helena Nelson Reed

Author: The Sacred Wild

Artist, Writer

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