Gaia’s Dance

On this Earth Day 2017, I want to honor and give gratitude to our Mother Earth – She Who Sustains Us – by sharing this writing from a few years back.  Enjoy!


Gaia’s Dance

We all seek guidance and are ever-searching for the most expedient path to a wiser existence.  We are told to go within and we even articulate a belief that all answers lie within and… even in this time of vast spiritual wisdom, for many, our tendency as humans is still to look outside ourselves… to look out there before (or if) we finally turn to our deepest inner knowing.

Ah-ha moments come to me at the most unexpected times.  I shouldn’t be surprised at this point in my journey and, still, I usually am.  In those times when I’m not really looking and least expecting, words and ideas float through my knowing jarring me out of my humdrum routine with my usual response of OMG, WOW.  Yep, I’m quite the wordsmith at these times!  LOL

So it was a few weeks ago.  I’d been doing some reading – not really sure what now – when I suddenly received a hit around the word guidance.  No beating around the bush, just a quick and overt message that went something like this…

Guidance, Gui-dance… Gaidance, Gai-dance… Gaiadance, Gaia-dance… and then, the OMG (Oh My Goddess!) moment of realization as the wording Gaia’s Dance floated through my consciousness followed by that moment when we know… KNOW… something so numinous.  Guidance is Gaia’s Dance.

Now this may not be huge to many others, but to me it was a profound gift of deeper wisdom and has forever altered my way of knowing and seeing.  Even now I am still in the Ah-ha and Wow moment of this and, trying to adequately articulate the full profoundness of this gifted realization, is proving to be quite the challenge.  It seems so obvious and simple.  Probably is very obvious to many and I know it was already in my knowing on some level.  After all, I’m a nature kid, someone who finds home and solace and peace in nature and, most importantly, my spirituality and cues for how to live come from nature.  HOWEVER, coming in this way… with this wording, this language…it creates a whole-ly… ~holy~… new way of knowing and being.

When we are in sync with the earth, flowing and honoring Her Ways and Her Wisdom… when we are moving and breathing and allowing all and everything, light and dark… when we know the steps of the dance – a dance between intimately sensual partners, each knowing how the other moves – what we need is there and we connect to a deeper place of being.  When we are in relationship, deep relationship with the primal ordering of the universe – that whom we call Mother Earth, Earth Mother, Pachamama, Terra Madre, Gaia, She of 10,000 other names – the answers are more easily accessed.  For those who will dance in the mystery, in harmony with Her cycles, partaking in the ancient wisdom that only She offers, Guidance is there… Gaia’s Dance is there… one and the same.  Guidance IS Gaia’s Dance.

I am still processing all the implications of this new language, this new way of seeing and will be for some time.  For now, I am content to be wrapped in the mystery of discovery and, in the mystery of knowing that when I see the word guidance, I will see Gai-dance and then Gaia’s Dance and I will know that therein lies my path.  I know that rooted in her wisdom, I grow and I am sustained.

Ffiona ©2015




Author: The Sacred Wild

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