I Am My Sacred Work

One of the questions I get most these days is what is your sacred work in the world?  There have been times in my life when I would have said I absolutely knew the answer to this question.  Recently, though, as I move into the next chapter of my life, I have struggled with this idea with absolutely no clue as to the answer.  Why is it that I have to have sacred work for the world?

One day out of the blue – as it frequently happens – words began to flow and the Mystery offered this gift.

Changes come in waves these days.
The tower crumbles ever more.
Footing is elusive.
Heartstrings are sore.
Have hope you say,
As tears fall again.
How I ask?
Where to begin?
Where to put the hope of years gone by?
Now unmet and left to die.
Focus on yourself She says.
Own your own precious self-worth.
Stop focusing on things outside yourself.
For YOU are your Sacred Work.

WHAT?!?  I am my sacred work??  That can’t be right.  I really struggled with this because I’d been taught – and embodied the idea – that what we do is our sacred work and that we must have something to offer out there.  It seems there’s a coach or some training for every aspect of putting your work out there an monetizing it to bring the most success. So the idea that am my sacred work seemed too simple an idea to accept and, at the same time, the more I let it seep into that place of soul knowing it brought a deep resonance I’d never felt before.

Over time as I sat with this idea, feeling into it and trying it on, the other knowing that came was this.

Once we make space for ourselves – allowing our Soul priority and authenticity – our medicine comes to us.  Then and, only then, can we move out into the world to share this medicine.  Movement before one is ready, is akin to a plant trying to bloom before the roots have deepened sufficiently to provide support, nourishment and a solid foundation.


I am my sacred work.  You are your sacred work. We are our sacred work.  

How we walk in the world – what we do – is how we give concrete expression to our Soul’s fullest expression of being.

First, though, I must know myself well enough to know how my Soul’s fullest expression looks.

To do that I must enter that place of Woman Know Thyself.  We must be willing to go to the heights and the depths, work in the light and the dark, to find and understand our calling… to meet and know intimately how our Soul’s greatest and highest desire for us as an individual looks.  Only then can we know how that might look to/for others.  Only then do we know our medicine.

I am my sacred work.  We are our sacred work.  It is about what we bring to ourselves, not about what we are here to bring to the world.  If we are constantly focused on out there, how do we transform and grow? How do we listen to our Soul calling that fills and creates us making us empowered and authentic?  We must fill our vessel first before we can fill that of others.   At this point – and only at this point –  can we move outward and offer our gifts to the world.

I am my sacred work.



I Am My Sacred Work by Arlene Bailey, ©2017, ©2020
Cover Image by Elena Ray
Image 2 – Bloom by Autumn Sky

Author: The Sacred Wild

Artist, Writer

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