The Gift Of A Year

There’s nothing so profound as having a concrete, this world, experience with one of culture’s axioms.  You know, those sayings that others offer in times of stress or difficult situations?  The ones we often label as unwelcome and trite?

This past year I’ve had an experience with these two…

~ Life is unpredictable and we truly have no idea how things will look in the future.


~ Every day is a gift.

One year ago today, I was sitting in the hospital with Larry as his heart continued to fail.  I honestly thought my husband was going to die.  One year later, though his heart will never again function at full capacity, Larry is doing great.  Over this past year I’ve seen remarkable strides in his activity and I’ve seen days of frightening weakness.  Still there have been those magical moments when he worked in the garden for brief periods and took short walks with me and the kitties in the woods.

Interesting how a few words look so different on the other side of an experience.  Life is indeed unpredictable and we truly have no idea how things will look in the future AND every day has become a beautiful gift.

To the two ideas above, I now add my own…

The Mystery shows up in our lives in the most unexpected and yet, magical ways, offering us portals of transformation that often come cloaked in darkness and uncertainty.  As with all things, we have the choice to step through this space or walk away.  If we dare to step through – looking beyond our fear and misgivings, our pain, our sorrow – we allow life to move in ways we never could have imagined.  Ways that cloak us in transcendent beauty, ultimately opening us to all possibilities.  If we let go of our resistance, these portals can allow us to fall into grace*.

Amazing how darkness and uncertainty can seed and even birth transcendence and beauty.  I am deeply comforted by the idea that within darkness lies the alchemy of all possibilities.

Today I celebrate this gift of a year with open eyes, leaning into the deep knowing that indeed every day is a container of magic and memory that will never come again.

Today I honor Larry… his journey… my journey… our journey.

Today I celebrate the gift of grace that is this day.


*Grace is defined as simple elegance or refinement of movement – a way of moving that is smooth and seemingly effortless, not stiff or awkward.

~Artist/Photographer Unknown

Author: The Sacred Wild

Artist, Writer

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