When the Old Antlered One Calls

About 5-6 years ago, the name Elen began coming to me in my dreams.  I had no idea who Elen was nor that there were legends of antlered women and female deer that ran through my lineage.  I knew nothing of this entity nor her mythology but I was very intrigued and felt I’d found a part of me.  I was aware of the Artist, Jude Lally, and had long admired her work with the  needle felted dolls she created, knew also she worked in the realm of women and mythology and Celtic and pre-Celtic lineage, so I contacted her. I told her of my dreams and asked if she knew much about an ancient deer goddess – specifically Elen of the Ways.


Chesca Potter, Artist

After many talks with Jude, I learned about the Old Antlered One/The Ancient Deer Goddess/Elen of the Ways.  After more talks and research I asked if I could commission a doll.  I really felt I needed a tangible representation of this entity who was very insistent about connecting with me and becoming part of my life.  Jude was aware and together we created my vision of who had been coming to me.  That vision was pretty limited as I only knew she had antlers, carried a drum  and wore a purple cloak.  Oh and she had silver hair with a few red streaks left – just like my red hair that was becoming silver.

Elen Altar

My Altar to Elen and the Old Antlered One

I have walked with this ancient one and her more modern naming in close harmony for these past years continually learning and expanding my knowing of exactly who she she was and who she is today.  Most importantly, perhaps, is the why of why she came to me and why she is coming to so many women in this particular time.  To know I am a daughter of the ancient antlered one… a sister of the female deer of ancient memory… is one of the most profound discovery of my now 65 years.

SuziEdwardsGooseSuzi Edwards Goose, Artist

Sooo…  I’d thought I’d share a few resources for my sisters interested in the mythology of female deer and women.

The work of Jude Lally

FB – Sisterhood of the Antlers


Website – https://www.pathoftheancestralmothers.com/

Other FB groups

Elen of the Ways

Finding Elen – The Quest for Elen of the Ways

Books and Articles

Following the Reindeer Goddess, Linda Schierse Leonard (older version called Creation’s Heartbeat)

Finding Elen, The Quest for Elen of the Ways – Caroline Wise

Elen of the Ways, Elen Sentier

Following the Deer Trods, Elen Sentier

Two articles by Judith Shaw,

Elen of the Ways by Judith Shaw

The Reindeer Goddess by Judith Shaw

Cehr-SuziEdwards-GooseSuzi Edwards Goose, Artist

a99257b2a96f811162af00631f0407e9Jude Lally, Artist

If you feel the call, I welcome you to the circle of antlered sisters.  As you feel her call… feel the creativity stirring within… the Old Antlered One awaits.

Final 9-13-wmAutumn Deer Goddess by Arlene Bailey, Artist

Blessed Be!

Per Google Image Search, Feature photo at top from Omnia’s video, I Don’t Speak Human.

Author: The Sacred Wild

Artist, Writer

4 thoughts on “When the Old Antlered One Calls”

  1. Reblogged this on Goddess in the Belly and commented:
    I want to delve into this further, but I just don’t have the bandwidth. Too many irons in the fire and not enough time. But I’m intrigued by the rise of the ‘secret’ feminine, I’m having so many visions of her from different eras and the antlered woman is just one of many. The hidden history of women that vibrates within our psyche needs a voice. This blog post is from a very dear wise woman and SiStar.

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  2. No wonder many women love using Deer Skin for their drums. No wonder we love to call each other ‘Dear’. A term of in-deer-meant. (Love playing with words). We all love Bambi don’t we? There is much medicine here, I can feel it. And, I find this fascinating. Thankyou for sharing. I need to dig deeper too.
    Much love,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chez, thank you deer one! Yes, She brings us much medicine in this ancient form and I know you will find the very way she speaks to you. Blessings on your journey to find the path where the footprints (or deer trods!) match yours. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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