Eyes to See, Wings to Fly: The Season of Scorpio

I never enter November or the Season of Scorpio without thinking of Owl.  I remember one Scorpio Season that was simultaneously profound and traumatic and would turn out to be the key to me understanding the necessity of surrendering to this yearly time of deep transformation.  It was a rainy evening and I was driving home.  Suddenly out of the corner of my eye, all I could see were wings and then the sound of something hitting the left front of my car.  I was actually at my exit so I took it but, instead of turning toward home, I turned around so I could go back to see what I’d hit.  I thought it was a hawk (not thinking that it was dark) and it wasn’t until I got home (yes, I put it in my trunk) that I realized it was an owl.  I was devastated.

Over the coming days and weeks, conversations with trusted friends and many hours of silence tuned into this beautiful creature and the why of our meeting, I began to understand more of why Owl had come to me.  I had been deep in the Lower World and deep in transformation and the mystery teachings for months.  While not really comfortable, this world… the Dark… was somehow – in a weird sort of way – becoming exactly that… comfortable… and while it was time for me to return to the world of my normal existence, I had no way to get there.  Though I’d learned much, I did not yet have the knowing of how to integrate the mystery teachings and bring them to the surface.

Enter Owl…

After sitting with this magnificent creature for days, I knew I had to make a decision around her body.  Yes, it was a she.  Again, after more conversations with those more knowledgeable than me and sitting with her and listening, I knew she wanted to be returned to the Mother but not before gifting me with her wings and talons.  I was hesitant at first… Ohhhh, so very hesitant so again I sat for days and listened, feeling into this idea.

Finally, I realized to refuse her gifts was to dishonor her.  She’d given her life to bring me wisdom and the opportunity to stretch my own wings with regard to how I connected to her.  With the help of one trained in sacred ceremony and indigenous ways, I accepted her offering.  Saying goodbye was the hardest part, really, but I finally placed her in the arms of the Great Mother to rest in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of NC where she would once again fly.

It took me many months to know her name and the full reason for her coming to me… many months to understand the why of the events of that dark, rainy Scorpio night in November.  Finally it hit me!  Owl had come to give me the eyes to see in the dark and the wings to fly up to the light.  She was my way out of the Dark and back into the Light.  The name she told me?  Her name was Hope and she was a Great Horned Owl.

Then… A few weeks after my encounter with Hope, I was driving through the winding and hilly backroads of the Uwharrie National Forest near my home when I came upon something in the road.  It was very early in the morning and there – seemingly unharmed and directly in my path – was an owl.  Another owl!!!  This was a juvenile Barred Owl with no marks at all on it, though sadly its neck was broken and it’s eyes closed.  So I did what any ?sane? person like me would do… I put her in my trunk.

Sitting again with the magnificence of this beautiful creature she eventually told me she too was sent.  Her name?  Athena.


Four years ago, on November 6, 2014 I first met Hope.  A few weeks later, Athena.  There has never been a day since that these two have not traveled with me giving me Eyes to see and Wings to fly and Wisdom for the journey.  Whenever I am called to the Dark… the Underworld and place of deep Mystery and Transformation… Hope and Athena travel with me.

Hope and Athena.

Potential and Wisdom.

The Season of Scorpio.


~Owl with Moon – Art by GaudiBuendia on deviantART

~All Photographs by Arlene Bailey ©2014

Author: The Sacred Wild

Artist, Writer

2 thoughts on “Eyes to See, Wings to Fly: The Season of Scorpio”

  1. I too have had powerful experiences with owls since my 40’s – first finding them dead – and now seeing them fly and hunt at dusk and dawn… I can hardly wait for December to hear them sing again… But Athena??? This goddess is male identified – born from Zeus’s neck – and she is a goddess of WAR….


  2. Sara, thank you for your insight re Athena. Truthfully, I have never been drawn to her and I did not choose the name, but when I asked the owl that is the name that came… over and over and over. Trusting in the wisdom of the Mystery greater than myself, I quit questioning it and accepted it.

    However, as a retired cultural anthropologist I am always interested in the origins of language – especially the original meanings of words – so I went to the online etymology dictionary. Not much on Athena/Athene, but there was this…

    “…from Latin Athena, from Greek Athēnē, name of a common Greek goddess, dating to Minoan times, depicted with a snake and protecting the palace. “Like the goddess itself, the name is pre-Greek” [Beekes]. ” From: https://www.etymonline.com/word/Athena#etymonline_v_26667

    So, as a woman on a quest to know, I appreciate your post which has given me much on which to reflect. I intend to continue my search on Athena/Athene going further back and deeper into the cultures that pre-date both Rome and Greece. Typically, their pantheon is reincarnated from cultures much more ancient and much more woman-affirming.

    BTW, loved your post “I Remember Who I am… very powerful!



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