I am many things and my soul is filled in many ways, but these days Art and Writing are my passion and creative fuel.  As an Artist*, Writer and Ritualist, my work is visionary and mystical and in the realm of the Divine Feminine and how she both appears and speaks to us through the canvas.   Please see  ~Why I Paint~ in the Menu for more on this.

Beyond the above, my formal trainings are in Anthropology, Traditional Plant Medicine, Shamanism, Energy Medicine and Women’s Spiritual Traditions.  I am an Ordained High Priestess and Medicine Woman and, for the past 18 years, have taught women how to remember… their skills as herbalists and healers… how to work with Energy and unseen forces… how to remember the Great Mother Goddess honoring her cycles by following the Wheel of the Year… how to use ritual as the language of the soul… how to bring this wisdom into the present creating sacred lives and seeing themselves as the sacred beings they are.

On a deeper level, a soul level, I am a Mystic with a hunger for the deep end of experience so I may begin to understand that which is the most hidden of all mysteries… the soul of a woman.  As a lover of all things wild and primal, my musings on deep calls to the deep feminine come to me from an ancient primordial place called forward to be birthed into this space and time.   I am not only drawn to the Old Ways – the stories, the traditions, the rituals and the tools used to create sacred spaces and transformation –  the art and artifacts that gave meaning to life – I am deeply committed to empowering women to remember their ancestral lines awakening their own unique soul connection to the Divine Feminine.

I am a woman seeking to know herself in the fullness of the cosmic mystery…
an alchemist traveling between the worlds of dark and light…
a phoenix born of fire.

Creating portals for you to touch your Soul,
I welcome you to this journey.

~Arlene Bailey, © 2019


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