Why I Paint

For several years, an inner voice had been loudly expressing her desire to paint.  My response was always we don’t paint.  The more I resisted, however, the louder the voice became.  Finally, about two years ago, I decided to stop resisting and began to explore painting.  Once I began to simply Allow, the Mystery stepped in and magic happened.

With guidance, I learned that art was not simply about putting paint on canvas, but was a depth process in and of itself.  I learned that if I listened to what wanted to come forth – meditating and waiting patiently for what wanted to birth – the end results were nothing less than the outward expression of profound inner landscapes with messages not available in this realm.  For the first time, I learned the powerful lesson of not comparing myself to others, but simply being with what my soul wanted to express.  Knowing that whatever that was – whatever appeared on the canvas – it was ok.  Sometimes I loved the finished product, sometimes I hated it, but it was all me and what I needed to express at the time.  Always that expression came from an intensely deep place, sometimes an underworld experience, sometimes a this world place of awareness and understanding I’d never before known.

When I paint, I am a vessel for messages that need to come forward.  Painting is my Medicine and, my role as a healer and a priestess is to surrender to the process, letting the magic flow through me from the depths of the inner landscape and out into the collective consciousness.  The beauty of this way of being and doing is that as I move through my process – clearing my own issues and creating my new path – I am also creating pathways for others.  As I heal myself, I find my medicine to take out into the world.

I believe art is one of the most powerful portals for transformation – a shamanic tool that gives form to our visions.  Through the process of allowing who/what wants to come through the canvas by listening to Spirit, our Guides and, most importantly, our own deep inner knowing – the voice of our Soul – we enter a place of magic and mystery.  Taking a blank canvas and creating something soulful is nothing less than taking the dark matter of alchemy and turning it into gold.

I am an artist because it feeds my Soul and connects with me with the Divine, the Mystery of all that is, transporting me to a place of depth of being.  I don’t just paint.  Art is my vehicle for moving emotions and clearing energy AND also bringing forth messages to this side of the Veil.  Art is meditation and it is trance dancing, feeling everything and nothing flowing through and around me.  Art is a state of no mind and a state of active creation.  Art is ritual and the language of the Soul.

My Dream for You

My dream for every woman is that you find that place within yourself that is pure magic… that place of existence that makes you feel truly alive and aligned with your soul walk… that place where you connect with your own unique image of the Divine Feminine.  I believe Art is a potent portal to do this and I want to help you create this experience.  Let me take you on a Journey!

As your guide, while I will teach you basic art techniques, my deeper desire is to create a safe space for you and your soul to experience nothing short of the mystery of pure creative bliss.

From a practical perspective, the outcome will be that you will learn to create a beautiful background – what we call the ground – and how to paint the face of a woman.

From a more ethereal perspective, through this process, you will connect with your inner knowing and wisdom allowing it to flow out onto the canvas.  You will touch the Mystery of your own Being and, by giving voice to your Soul, birth your own unique vision of the Divine Feminine… Divine Female… Goddess… Woman Re-Wilding.  I will support you throughout the entire process while also allowing you to move in your own rhythm.

Working with me will allow you to step outside of the ordinary and experience the extraordinary and, in the process, create something deeply meaningful and beautiful.  You and the paint, alchemy in motion.

Let me take you on a journey home to you,
as you create portals to touch your Soul
and the Alchemy of your own Re-Wilding.

~Arlene Bailey, © 2018